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Bozeman High School Lacrosse

Bozeman High School Lacrosse Girls and Boys Varsity Teams are the 2019 State Champions!  We continue our commitment to providing great Lacrosse in the Gallatin Valley through off-season opportunities for practice and tournaments.  

Girls and Boys Bozeman High School Lacrosse teams are proud members of the Montana High School Lacrosse Association (MHSLA). Both follow all rules set forth by US Lacrosse (NFHS Rules).

Upcoming Opportunities


Spring Season Girls Warm-Up Clinic

Led by Corinne and Catherine Schmidt along with WPLL Players Kristin Guadian, Elena Romsburg! Former NCAA D1 National Champions!

Women’s Professional Lacrosse League players in Montana!

Full Day Clinic

  • Open to all players in Montana High School Lacrosse Association affiliated programs.


  • Stick work on the move (feeling comfortable and confident passing + catching on the move, as well as under pressure), Individual stick skills (learning how to have a bigger cradle + big arms when we are handling the ball, will learn behind the backs, around the world, fake passing, cradle and stick work progression)
  • Learning how to shoot and dodge with the pros, two of the best in the game. They will go over the proper shooting and dodging mechanics - how to have an efficient shot, dodging through the 12m with speed, how to lose your defender while dodging, keys to what makes them strong shooters and dodgers. 
  • Defensive positioning - What defensive positioning looks like, how we approach an attacker on a 1v1, when to make contact and break down our feet, when to slide off ball, and what our positioning is when we are not on ball.
  • Man Up / Man Down situations - Attack working through fast/slow break (what that looks like, what should they do with the ball), when to attack the cage vs. when to look to pull out and feed, defensive sliding when it is a fast/slow break (who is the most important girl on attack when defense is down a player, how do we recover on man down situations).
  • Small sided games - Break players into teams with specific coach, have them work with the lacrosse experts to get high level individual/ team coaching with more of a focus. Players will build from what they learned from the day and put it into game-like situations and scenarios.



ID/MT/WY Girls National Team Tryouts

  • Date: March 29
  • Time: 9AM to 11AM (Player check-in from 8:30-9:00Am)
  • Location: Bozeman Sports Park
  • Tryout Fee: $40 (Cash or Check Payable to ID/MT/WY National Team)
  • Please complete the following online form to reserve your spot. 

US Lacrosse has approved the formation of a combined Idaho-Montana-Wyoming National Team to compete in the US Lacrosse National Tournament in Baltimore, MD during the NCAA National Tournament weekend May 23 - 24, 2020. This tournament showcases the best players from each state (or region in our case) and for players hoping to play beyond high school it's a great opportunity for exposure to college coaches and to further your skills.

Additional details:

  • All players must be US Lacrosse members through June 1, 2020 and must be in Grades 9-11.
  • You cannot show up on tryout day unless you have pre-registered!
  • There is a non-refundable fee to Tryout. Any players selected will also have additional fees to play to participate.
  • Tryout fee is used to offsetting team expenses. Payment is due at the Tryout.
  • If you are a Coach and any relative is trying out, you cannot be an evaluator.
  • Team selections must be submitted to US Lacrosse within a week of the last Tryout.
  • Once selections are communicated, if a player accepts the slot, and then drops out for reason other than medical or family emergencies they forfeit any deposits. Additionally, they become ineligible for any US Lacrosse honors (All-Academic, All-American, All-Star game that year). If multiple players from the same school drop-out within a three year period, then no one from that school is eligible for US Lacrosse honors (All-Academic, All-American, All-Star, National Tournament) for the next season. Please make sure that the players understand that once they accept, they need to be All-in.

Again, there is no walk-up registration for this tryout. Please complete the following online form to reserve your spot.