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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the youth program going to have a limit of players this year? 
The limits set in the youth levels are to ensure good play and a lot of playing time. We also set limits on the number of players to ensure quality coach to kid ratios for instruction. We have placed our limits within reason to meet both of these criteria. If the demand is much higher than what we anticipate, we will be placing the excess players on a wait list allowing us to find suitable coaches and hopefully open to all that are wanting to play. 

Last year was first come, first serve with a limit of players, is it the same this year?
The registration process remains the same. We have increased our limits to accommodate the age groups that will be moving up in competition levels and new players who have expressed interest. We encourage people to register early this year to help us plan accordingly throughout the rest of the off-season with coaches and administrators. 

How do I know whether my high school player will be on the Varsity or Junior Varsity Teams?
The High School Varsity Team will be selected after player evaluations that will take place at the Belgrade Event Center in January, 2019.   More details for player evaluations will be sent out early January.  Any player that makes Varsity will incur additional charges to accommodate the scheduling and travel requirements. Remaining HS players will be placed on the Junior Varsity team(s) to gain more experience and improve skills.  

What equipment is required for practices and games?
•    Boys are required to have regulation equipment, including a lacrosse helmet, shoes, mouth guard, elbow pads, shoulder pads, athletic supporter and cup and lacrosse gloves. 
•    Girls are required to have regulation equipment consisting of a stick, goggles and mouth guard.
•    Play It Again Sports is a great resource for those starting out or expanding into the sport. Their experienced staff will be able to help you find either new or used equipment that fit your son or daughter.
•    For detailed information on regulation equipment for lacrosse, please go to

Is there a sibling discount?
Yes, there is a $20 discount for every additional player in a family.

Are there any scholarship opportunities?
Yes. We do offer scholarships based on needs. In order to be eligible for our scholarship, you must live in Gallatin County, enrolled in school with at least an 80% attendance record and on the school lunch program. Please send your confidential inquiries to our treasurer or send a message here

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